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Wake OnLan v1.0

This is an command-line utility that allows wake up computers with enabled WakeOnLan feature. It can work both as stand-alone program and with NetView. When using with NetView this program requires Autoscaner and Start command plug-ins to be started.
Author: Alexey Erofeev, Vitaly Kazakov
Download 150 Kb

Shutdown it! v1.4

NetView 2.82 and higher

Allow shutting down remote systems from context menu if remote administrator privileges present.
Download plug-in 3.3 Kb

Workstation info v1.7

NetView 2.82 and higher

This plug-in is intended for gathering information about logged-on users and in what domain/workgroup host is listed. Plug-ins queries only hosts that is marked as online after last recheck. Plug-in stores usernames to hosts's metavariable "loggedusers" and workgroups names to hosts's metavariable "wgrp". You can for example add columns in hostlist to view this variables. Updating of information can occur after every global recheck or manually - this depends on options on this configuration window.
Download plug-in 4.3 Kb
Download sources 17 Kb

NetView client-server v1.8

NetView 2.90 and higher

This plug-in allows sharing some hostlist information via network with other NetViews running on other computers. This can be necessary for remote network monitoring and for decreasing network overload when many computers on network uses NetView. Plug-in allow possibility to create different clients accounts with different rights to access different hostlist information.

Additional cross-platform program-client written on Java can be used to remotely access NetView hostlist.

Download plug-in 415 Kb
Download sources 32 Kb

Tray network v1.4

NetView 2.82 and higher

Access to network via NetView's tray popup menu. You can open any share by only 2 mouse clicks. 
Download plug-in 14 Kb
Download sources (Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0) 22 Kb

Autoscaner v2.0

NetView 2.82 and higher

Continiously pinging range of IP addresses. Determines MAC addresses. Log IP addresses changes. Can force pinged hosts to be online. Adds new hosts whennew MAC found. Can show MAC addresses in any column of NetView.
Download plug-in 300 Kb

Export comments v1.2

NetView 2.79 and higher

Allows to export/import hosts custom comments to simple text file.
Download plug-in 12 Kb

Start commands v1.4

NetView 2.82 and higher

Allows to add up to 10 external commands for hosts with flexible crafted command lines.
Download plug-in 12 Kb

FTP image uploader v1.1

NetView 2.80 and higher

Automatcally uploads exported .gif  images of visual maps to FTP server after every export. If you want to see map of your network in realtime on your web-site - just install this plug-in and make links to pictures in site html code. Supported upload via proxy servers by different modes.
Download plug-in 325 Kb
IP to clipboard v1.2

NetView 2.72 and higher

Allows copy IP address of selected host to clipboard by single clickfrom context menu. 
Download plug-in 10 Kb
Download sources (Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0) 20 Kb

Devices v1.6

NetView 2.82 and higher 

This plug-in is great way to simplificate managing many device types, such as different servers, workstations, firewalls etc, also it simplificates creating Visual Maps. It has list of devices with predefinite parameters, such as recheck settings and images, you can quickly change device type and add new devices by mouse right click.
Download plug-in 432 Kb
Download sources ( Borlans C++ Builder 6.0) 20 Kb

NetView alerter v2.0

NetView 2.82 and higher

Alarms you by playing WAV sound and by voice when alarm hosts goes up/dow, alarms when netwatcher detects user connections and when IP logger raises attack alert. If uses small utility called Govorilka. You can solve any problems with voice alarm on www.vector-ski.ru/vecs/
Download plug-in 60 Kb
Download sources v1.1(Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0) 30 Kb

Time synchronizer v1.4

NetView 2.79 and higher


Can synchronize time of your local computer with any other host in network. You can synchronize time from host's context menu ot it can occur automatically after every recheck.
Download plug-in 12 Kb
Download sources (Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0) 23 Kb